Friday, 14 June 2013

Something for the weekend

Let's be clear about one thing - you don't need ANY of the following items to become a better seamstress. They won't stop you sewing things together upside down, they won't prevent you having to use the seam ripper or tipping your pins all over the floor. Of course, we NEVER do any of these things...ahem...

But there's a joy in having lovely sewing equipment. Here's just a few items that will make you feel like a pro, even if you've just sewn that sleeve in back to front...

1. There's something about that sound of a heavy pair of shears cutting smoothly through fabric that is SO satisfying. These Whitely scissors are made in England and will make you feel like you're on Savile Row.

2. I'm terrible at scattering pins around my table as I sew. Which invariably leads to them ending up on the floor and we all know that isn't a good thing. I need a pin cushion. This pin cushion to be precise. So cute!

3. Merchant and Mills has a wealth of wonderful old-fashioned, good quality sewing notions that we covet. Drape this tape measure around your neck and channel Coco Chanel whilst you sew your chic creations.

4. Tea. Tea is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY whilst sewing. As well as allowing you to quench your thirst, this mug is a zen-like reminder of how to approach your dressmaking.

5. The classic stork scissors. Officially for embroidery, I find them invaluable for snipping threads and  keeping my work neat whilst at my sewing machine. These Gingher scissors are expensive, but worth it - they should last for years.

6. As a child, I remember being fascinated by my Granny's box of mis-matched buttons. This lovely jar takes me back...

So tell us, what are your favourite items that make sewing just that little more pleasurable?


  1. Brightly coloured flowery pins and my Great Gran's button tin to finish off a make... and our cat too! Miss Ethel is my constant sewing companion...

    1. Cats are vital in the dressmaking process! My cat is blind so she just sits quietly and doesn't try and bat anything about!