Friday, 7 June 2013

Something for the Weekend

At last! Those of you in the UK will know only too well what a rubbish summer we've had so far but FINALLY we seem to have a bit of sunshine. This should be all you need to work it by the pool...

We're both having a bit of a love affair with & Other Stories at the moment. These are yet another pair of shoes from the store to add to our wishlists (sigh...)

This sunhat would no doubt make you feel chic, elegant and ready for a holiday in the French Riviera. Even if you are just wearing it in the garden during an English summer.

Although I have a tendency to chuck my sunglasses in my handbag only for them to emerge much the worse for wear, I wouldn't do the same to these beauties. Promise.

Want to look 10 pounds slimmer instantly? Ruching! Ruching is your best friend when it comes to swimwear. Plus this little beauty will never date (which is a good job considering it's nearly £500. Ouch.).

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