Monday, 25 June 2012


Well summer 2012 is definitely a sporty one, particularly if you are, like us, residents of London. I'm gaily ignoring the Euros, much to my husband's disgust, but one event us gather girls get excited over is Wimbledon! This year, one of us (but sadly not me...) is off to SW19 to eat strawberries, drink pimms and perve over Nadal watch the tennis and cheer Murray on.

The rules of Wimbledon's dress code for the players is notoriously strict - players must wear all white (or mostly white is now acceptable). This lot seem to have the right idea:

We Heart Vintage
Feeling inspired? Why not try out one of these vintage lovelies and make your own! Perfect in both a crisp white eyelet or silky soft jersey. Tennis anyone?

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  1. LOVE this post. You've picked some fantastic patterns!

    Zoe xxx