Friday, 22 June 2012

Sewing habits

I've noticed recently that I do something a bit odd when sewing.

No, I don't sew naked. Nor can I only sew whilst listening to thrash metal. Or whale song. And it's not that I keep my sewing tools lined up in alphabetical order.

I've realised that when I start sewing a seam, the first pin I remove ALWAYS goes in my mouth, between my teeth. The rest of them go back in the pincushion as they're removed. Only when I've removed whatever I'm sewing from the machine and snipped the threads do I remove the pin!

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I've got absolutely no idea why or when I started doing this but it seems to have stuck! What about you? Got any eccentric sewing habits or superstitions you want to share? Go on, we won't judge. I promise.

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