Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday's Gathering

I'm always drawn to richly-coloured dense prints. As hard as I try for the benefit of my wardrobe to buy and make plain classic clothing so that I can at least pretend that I'm sophisticated, I always get sidelined by yet another an amazing print dress or wildly patterned fabric. Ikat therefore, is just my thing.

5. Thakoon Ikat Print Silk Crepe Top (via Net-a-Porter)

Traditionally ikat fabric is produced in a similar way to tie-dyed fabric, except that the threads themselves are bound and dyed before they are woven into cloth. The good old V&A has some wonderful examples of traditional Central Asian ikat clothing from the 19th century here.

Although I doubt these are strictly ikat fabrics, there are some fabulous takes on the idea out there.

1. Amy Butler Lark Persimmon
2. Magnificat Avocodo
3. John Kaldor Cannes (via Sew Essential)
4. Liberty Landis A Tana Lawn
5. Robert Allen Plaid Ikat
6. Ada Chartreuse

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