Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A progress update

We're hard at work at the moment working on our final samples and we've now made what will (hopefully!) be our last design alterations. The dress is looking great! To the relief of both of us we've also moved on from making up calico versions to using fabrics we're considering for our kits. We're testing various fabrics, seeing what works best with the design. It's so lovely to be working with great prints rather than endless beige!

Hopefully we will soon be ready for pattern testers to volunteer their services. If you're at all interested in testing our pattern then keep an eye out on this blog or come and follow us on twitter: @gatherkits

We'll be putting the call out as soon as we're ready for you!


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see the real thing! By the way, if you get a sec, can you ping me any dressmaking fabric shop recommendations in central London?. I've decided to make my wedding dress (in a bright 50's print, dress making cotton or silk if possible) and am not sure where to head, other than Liberties and the Cloth House - would love to know where you've looked? Thanks Caroline! x

    1. Wow, I love that you're going to make your own wedding dress! Bright 50s print? AMAZING!
      Well, there's quite a choice in London - if you want a silk then you could try Berwick Street or Broadwick Street, both in Soho. They do an amazing range of silks, not sure if they'll have much 50s print but they're very helpful on the phone so would be worth calling before you go. Also Cloth House is on Berwick Street so you can visit them all together. For dress making cottons with a good print, try Goldhawk Road - there are several good places there with excellent prices - if you're buying quite a bit then try haggling! MacCulloch and Wallis off Oxford Street is amazing for trimmings. The places we've been looking at are all wholesale so wouldn't be any use to you as you would need to place a big order...

      There is a great blog called Cargo Cult Craft and there is a special page about fabric shopping in London here: http://cargocultcraft.com/knowledge/lonely-crafters-guide-to-london/

      Let us know how you get on! We'd love to see some pics of the finished dress (once you've walked down the aisle in it of course!)