Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Christmas gift guide - day two, children

Since having children, Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning. There's slightly fewer festive cocktails and slightly more noise.... but shopping for presents is lots more fun!

These lovely hand printed blocks are made from environmentally friendly rubber wood. There are masses of different faces and patterns to make so this might buy you an hour or two of peace while you get the turkey on. 

For those cosmopolitan children who've grown up drinking babyccinos! Their very own coffee machine so they can host their own coffee mornings. 

Teeny weeny cherry red DMs - possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen! For all those mini punks out there. 

Some great stocking fillers, albeit noisy ones. 

This set of t shirts might be a bit summery but they're brilliant for confusing the grandparents over the course of Christmas day...

This pillow case is so perfect for those that can't sleep without their precious bear. 

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